1. Instruct your solicitors

Instruct your conveyancing solicitors to handle the purchase of your new home. We make the process possible, when we’re instructed early transactions take place faster.

It is good practice to instruct solicitors on the day you make or receive an offer. Property solicitors Kent can help you sell your property hassle-free, just call 0800 368 5102

2. Organise your mortgage

Once you have your mortgage in principle, you need to order your property valuation. Only then will your mortgage lender give you a mortgage offer.

You should do this as soon as your offer is accepted or price agreed. You should only ever hold off if you are concerned that the sellers have not had an offer accepted for their onward purchase.

3. Book your building survey

You need to order your building survey to check your property for any structural defects. This is different from your mortgage lenders valuation and should not be missed as any defects could costs thousands to repair.

4. Arrange your searches

You should ensure your solicitor orders the required searches in a timely manner as the can take up to 3 weeks to be returned.

It is good practice to order these in the first week after your instruct a solicitor if you want to minimise the risk of your exchange being delayed.

At Property Solicitors Kent we take care of all searches as a matter of priority.

5. Do you need a flood risk, Infrastructure, or mining report?

Depending on where your property is located it may be advisable to book additional searches which consider if the property is at an increased risk.

You should order any additional searches as soon as you can if they are marked as necessary within your main property searches or if you are buying in a high risk area.

We can provide Flood risk reports, Energy and Infrastructure Reports and Coal & Brine reports, call us today on 01303 883 111 to get yours.

6. Get mortgage/income protection insurance

Should you have the misfortune to have an accident or lose your job or be unable to work, insurance of this kind can cover your mortgage repayments and some of your living costs.

You should get quotes now and once you have brought your home take out the insurance.

7. Get building and contents insurance

You will need to have buildings and contents insurance in place when you complete your purchase.

Shop around for the best prices while ensuring good levels of protection for that extra peace of mind.

8. Book your removal company

It is surprisingly common for exchange dates to be delayed due to removal companies not being booked in plenty of time. We advise being in contact with a removal company a month before you exchange.

On most occasions they will need to visit your home to assess the amount which needs moving, fitting this into the tight schedule is essential for a smooth move.

9. Arrange internet and television supplier

Openreach will take 14 days to connect your broadband so if you want to have your internet and television in place soon after you move in, you should speak your provider now.

You should check that your provider can supply services to your new home 2 weeks before you are set to exchange.

Having a stable internet connection at home is more important than ever during these difficult times so be sure to have everything planned.

10. Get your post redirected

Make sure you speak to Royal Mail to get them to redirect your post and give yourself time to inform everyone to change your address.

Remember to include the bank, DVLA, your car insurance providers and your employers.

Visit Royal Mail – costs begin at £24 and you can setup for 3, 6 or 12 months.

11. Contact utilities and take meter readings

When you leave your property you should call gas and electricity suppliers to give them your latest meter readings and you should equally take meter readings the moment you walk in your new home.

You should do these tasks on completion, although ensure you know where all the new meters are in your new property.

12. Tell everyone you’ve moved

You should register with your new local GP surgery, register to vote, and contact your new council about paying its council tax. If you have children you should register them at the local school.

13. Enjoy your new home!

Hopefully the past 3 months of finding, selling, buying, and moving have all been worth it and you will fall in love with your new home.

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