Whether your finances as an individual or couple are relatively straight forward or you or your spouse is a high net worth individual or business owner our team easily adapt their experience and expertise into all of our clients requirements. When dealing with the financial aspect of Divorce proceedings we take care in understanding individual circumstances and dedicate time to ensuring that all eventualities are covered.

Financial Relief is the name given to the area of Law which deals with all financial matters arising out of a divorce, whether between Husband and Wife or in same sex marriages.  Put into more simple terms it refers to the financial settlement reached between the couple on the dissolution of their marriage, ie Divorce.

Even in circumstances where there are Pre or Post Nuptial Agreements in place disputes over both the validity of the agreement, the financial stipulations within the agreement.  It may be that variations are sought or an order to distinguish the agreements is desirable.  Get help from industry leading experts, call us on 0203 9252 301 or complete an online enquiry form.

What to expect from financial relief proceedings?

When dealing with Financial relief the Courts starting position is an equal division of marital assets, however this is rarely the outcome in most circumstances. It is therefore always important to have solicitors on your side to ensure the best possible outcome for your circumstances, within the remit of the law.

Where Children under the age of 18 are involved the courts main concern will be their financial welfare and that of the spouse maintaining custody. In determining the amount the Court will have many powers to assist either party in ensuring a fair settlement is put in place. There are a number of orders that can be made in these circumstances.

How to reach an agreement

There are a number of ways to reach a financial relief agreement, there is a common misconception that the discussion of money and finances has to involve arguments and disagreements. Sometimes agreements are made without the need of assistance from a solicitor, this can be through mediation or simply by a collaboration between both parties. Should an agreement be arranged, it can be formalised into a legally binding court order without the need for either side to attend court.

Should it not be possible for an agreement to be reached out of court, an application can be made to the court to resolve any are of dispute. An application does however not stop the couple making an agreement; however the court can decide what should happen with the assets and make what is considered to be a reasonable order.

What orders can be made?

There is a number of different orders that the court can make, one of the most common is known as a periodical payments order, more commonly known as maintenance. This is the regular payment of a sum of money by one to the other, usually weekly or monthly.

We’ve created a page dedicated to the different types of orders that the courts can make, going into much greater detail about each, take a look at what orders the court can make. Alternatively our team are always willing to discuss the whole financial relief process and the different options available to you in a free no obligation discussion, call them on 0203 9252 301.

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