Our specialist team have vast experience of acting for and against high worth individuals following the breakdown of their relationship.  We understand that the end of any relationship is always difficult for our clients.  Often where significant assets, property or earnings are involved matters become significantly complicated and sometimes vicious between the parties.

We understand the complex financial arrangements our clients have and the need to protect and or unpick those financial matters to protect our client’s interests during financial relief proceedings.

Whether you are a high worth individual or your spouse is we can assist in protecting your position and ensuring that we work hard to obtain the best outcome for you, within the law.

How we can help

Our specialist team of solicitors can work with you to deal with all aspects of your divorce or separation, including matters involving children such as child maintenance, schooling fees and other lifestyle choices. Some of the main areas we can assist you in are:

  • Offshore assets
  • Business assets and shares
  • High value property portfolios
  • High value investment portfolios
  • Inherited wealth
  • Trusts
  • Freezing injunctions where there is concern assets are being dissipated or placed out of the court’s reach or jurisdiction
  • Foreign marriages (including Russia and Islamic states)
  • Non-disclosure of assets or finances

It’s important that if you are a high worth individual that you always provide us with all the information required regarding your finances and assets in order for us to ensure that we do all we can to protect them. Once we can have this information we can undertake rational negotiations with the other party to ensure we obtain the best outcome for you.

David Durkin-Finch


David has been part of the Cleversons team from the start. He's assisted hundreds of clients and takes great pride in all his work.

Claims against high worth individuals

Where you are a spouse of someone of high net worth we will ensure that we work hard to obtain full disclosure of all assets and financial information obtaining appropriate court orders such as freezing orders where necessary to ensure assets are not dissipated and put out of the courts reach.

It may be that in most cases we can help negotiate an agreed settlement which does all that can be done to protect finances of both parties. With the use of our expert negotiations, mediation and other collaborative divorce services we can save both costs and time while reaching an amicable settlement.

Where such an agreement is not possible we work tirelessly with our clients, whether pursuing or protecting high worth individuals, to ensure the very best outcome in all circumstances, within the law.

Why choose us?

It is important not to take anything for granted in these situations and therefore we have access to some of the UK’s best forensic accountants who can assist us in ensuring the best possible outcome no matter your situation. Whether your are a high worth individual or with to pursue one, rest assured our team will be on your side and working hard to protect your position to the highest standards within the law.

To discuss your situation with our team get in touch with them by calling 0203 9252 301 or complete an online enquiry form. We offer a free no obligation discussion either over the phone or in person so you can always be sure we have a full understanding of your case before taking it on.

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