Accident and emergency departments are often the first point of contact with many patients, this means it’s critical for all serious health issues are identified and treated swiftly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, staff may have made mistakes with the way you or a loved one were treated, which ultimately may have caused more serious long term ill health.

Claiming compensation is often the only way to get the help and support needed to deal with those consequences. Compensation for errors made in A&E can often be substantial, allowing you to get the specialist care which you may now need and replacing any lost income or other incurred costs.

Types of A&E negligence claims

Due to the role of accident and emergency departments in UK hospitals, a huge number of patients pass through every day, all suffering from potentially complex conditions. Some of the ways medical professionals can cause injury or loss to patients include:

Inexperience – Practical training is a vital part of the training of every medical professional. But at no point should this come at the cost of patient health. Medical personal who are lacking in experience should be carefully monitored to ensure they are meeting standards and they should not be given tasks or responsibilities which are too difficult to perform under pressure.

Delay – A&E wards often are required to treat the most serious of injuries, so on many occasions, time is of the essence. Injuries and illnesses must be diagnosed and treated reasonably quickly in order to encourage a fast and full recovery. Delays in diagnosis or treatment can see most injuries or illnesses becoming worse and in some cases have caused preventable deaths.

Misdiagnosis – When a medical professional gives you a diagnosis for your injury or illness you would naturally expect this information to be correct and accurate. So if you were to later find out you had been misdiagnosed you would understandably be extremely shocked. On top of this, you may have been suffering pain for longer than necessary or your condition may become more severe.

Regardless of the type of negligent care you have received, our solicitors can help you recover compensation for the pain, suffering and financial losses you have incurred due to the lack of proper care you received.

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