Many of the medical negligence claims our team handle are claims for delayed diagnosis of injuries or illnesses. Often, this delay only leads to the condition or injury worsening, having a greater impact on the patient’s lifestyle and health.

Unfortunately, most misdiagnoses are the result of a human error, this could occur at any stage of the medical diagnosis process. They’re often only spotted once the condition has advanced or the injury worsened, often causing serious health issues.

Common types of delayed diagnosis

Nearly all conditions can be missed all together or misdiagnosed, but some of the common claims we handle include:

  • A delay in diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • A delay in diagnosis and treatment of infections
  • A delay in diagnosis and treatment of fractures
  • A delay in diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis
  • A delay in diagnosis and treatment of gallstones

Regardless of whether you was seen by a medical professional in a hospital A&E department or by a GP at your doctors surgery, if your condition or illness were not spotted you could be entitled to compensation.

How we can help

If you have suffered further exacerbation of your illness or injury due to the delay or misdiagnosis a medical professional provided you with our team of solicitors are here to help you. At Cleversons we have a dedicated team of medical negligence solicitors who have helped hundreds of clients get the care and compensation they deserve.

Each of them takes pride in their work and handles your case with care and empathy at all times. To speak to a solicitor about your case today call us on 0203 9252 301 or complete the online enquiry form below.

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