Abuse can take place anywhere, whether it is at home or within the institutions that were supposed to help and protect you. It can occur once or numerous times, and can take a variety of forms, whether physical, psychological or emotional. It is often carried out by people you know or family members which can make things even more difficult. But our team of solicitors have been helping victims for over twenty years and act with care and compassion at all times.

How we can help

At Cleversons, our team of abuse solicitors have helped hundreds of victims take the first steps to rebuild their lives. We understand that for most victims, discussing your experiences can be very upsetting. That’s why our solicitors take pride in being compassionate and caring throughout the process, providing you with accessible, friendly support at all times.

Regardless of when your abuse took place, we are likely to be able to help you get the support and justice you deserve. We know that for many, making a claim against a perpetrator isn’t about money, instead it’s about ensuring no one else experiences the pain and suffering you have.

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