The advancement of technology is, on the whole, pursued to enrich and improve our lives; however, for some, technology enhances the opportunity to exploit others in order to serve their own needs. One such recent form of digital exploitation has arisen through ‘sexting’ – the exchange of sexually explicit content between a minor and an adult.

With a high proportion of teenagers and even pre-teens having access to a mobile phone with a camera, the ease with which predators can exploit children through sexting abuse is alarming. For children, it may seem an innocent way of flirting with others their own age, but in an online setting where anonymity is simple to achieve, it can be easy to underestimate the hazards of sexting.

Making a online abuse claim

Online abuse is a serious issue which can expose children to explicit content, and even lead to bullying and serious sexual assault. For example, the distribution of an explicit image can easily fall into the wrong hands, leading to great harm for the individual in the image. Alternatively, it could lead to adults sending their own content or posting requests for ever more explicit images. Such actions are illegal and constitute child abuse.

Cleversons solicitors can help you pursue compensation from those guilty of sexting abuse with a child. Our specialist solicitors will be able to help identify where illegal and inappropriate activity has been occurring, and will support you in pursuing a claim through the criminal injuries compensation authority (CICA). We will manage any case with the utmost sympathy, and help reclaim any due compensation as well as help find counselling and medical care where necessary.

In addition, we always handle claims on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that there is no risk of financial loss in the event that a online abuse claim is unsuccessful.

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