Social services departments play an important safeguarding role in our society. They are often there to support the most vulnerable families and children in our communities and, for the most part, they do a good job in difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, however, there are times when they get things wrong. Often, this can be caused by a lack of manpower or funding; by procedural errors within a social services department; or by individuals either making bad decisions or not doing their job to a sufficient standard.

Claims against social services

A claim for compensation against social services may arise in a number of situations. For example:

  • if you were abused or neglected in the family home and they were involved but failed to act to protect you from further abuse;
  • if social services removed you from your family home and placed you in residential care, where you were then abused; or
  • if social services made an inadequate assessment of your needs once you were taken into care and this resulted in you being exposed to further harm.

A claim for compensation will usually be for the psychological effects or any further abuse you have suffered after social services acted or failed to act. If physical abuse or assault took place, this can also be taken into account.

Social services failure to remove

Another ground for making a claim against social services is if they fail to remove you from an abusive environment.

Abuse often occurs behind closed doors and social services are supposed to be the ones there to protect children from harm by removing them from the abusive situation. However, if they don’t act as swiftly or in the manner that they should, this could lead to the child suffering from even further abuse.

In order to make to claim, we would have to be able to demonstrate that the local authority knew that the child was suffering from abuse at home and that social services didn’t take the appropriate steps to protect this child.

We understand that these events can have traumatic and long lasting emotional and psychological effects of you, and we will work hard to ensure that those culpable of this crime, but also those who allowed it to happen in the first place will recognise that it was wrong.

Our no win, no fee policy relieves the financial concerns you may have about bringing a claim, giving you the confidence you need to pursue your case, for as long as you may need to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our solicitors will respect and protect your confidentiality throughout the claim process and will take necessary action to ensure you name is kept out of the public domain.

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