Allegations of sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry have been some of the most talked about subjects of the previous decade. As the list of once household names either prosecuted or under suspicion continues to grow it has become apparent there is a real problem within theatres and the arts industry as a whole.

A survey carried out by The Stage newspaper, asked a series of questions to 1050 people who are or have been employed in the theatres. The results reveal that more than 40% of theatre professionals and students said they had been bullied. Further to this, one in three said they had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Nearly 8% recorded they had been sexually assaulted at work.

Some of the most common forms of harassment included inappropriate comments, unwanted sexual advances, touching and sexual intimidation.

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One thing has become clear over the last few years, a repeated pattern of abuse being carried out by those in positions of authority and power. Many of the alleged abusers have been accused of using their positions to intimidate, silence and punish young, vulnerable actors and actresses.

Due to the insecurities of working within the entertainment industry, young people who are trying to achieve their goals and dreams can be easily manipulated and mistreated by those at the top of the hierarchy. Unfortunately, this has created a vicious circle, within which victims have no one to turn to for support within the organisations. The people with the power to make change are the same people carrying out much of the abuse.

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