There’s a whole host of reasons why you feel a Power of Attorney is necessary, sometimes it can be a temporary measure for an issue like a hospital or care home stay or it may be for future planning when capacity issues may become a problem. Whatever the reason our team can ensure that the documents are drafted correctly so that your wishes are followed.

If you wish to discuss a lasting power of attorney speak to one of expert solicitors today, we have the expertise you need to create a lasting power of attorney that secures you legally and deeply care about your welfare and the best interests of your loved ones. Call us on 0203 9252 301 for a free no obligation consultation or fill out an online enquiry form.

Lasting power of attorney price guide

Single person – Lasting Power of Attorney (property and finances or health and welfare) – from £235 +VAT

Single person – Lasting Power of Attorney (property and finances and health and welfare) – from £450 +VAT

Couple – Lasting Power of Attorney (property and finances or health and welfare) – from £450 +VAT

Couple  – Lasting Power of Attorney (property and finances and health and welfare) – from £850 +VAT

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    What are the different types of LPAs?

    There are two different types of Lasting Power of Attorney, one deals with property and finances the other handles health and welfare. A lasting power of attorney that relates to property and finances are used to pass the power of attorney over to a family member or someone you trust so they can make decisions for you and on your behalf about financial issues. They would then be allowed to make decisions regarding selling your house, dealing with your bank accounts, benefits or any investments on your behalf. This would also make it possible for them to pay bills on your behalf.

    The lasting power attorney that deals with health and welfare enables a loved one to make decisions on where you live, whether in care or otherwise, what you can eat and even the clothes you wear. The major difference between the two is that the financial affairs can be used whilst the person still has mental capacity to deal with these affairs themselves if they choose to do so. The health and welfare lasting power of attorney only comes into effect when the person loses all capacity to make decisions themselves.

    Why should you make a lasting power of attorney?

    As we get older some of us are unfortunate enough to develop illnesses that can leave you mentally incapacitated making it very difficult to carry out everyday duties and responsibilities. It may not be possible for you to make important decisions you would have been able to sometimes only a couple of years previously. In such cases your loved ones may have to carry out tasks and make decisions on your behalf, to do so they will need a lasting power of attorney.

    If this is not in place before you become mentally incapacitated your loved ones can face a long, distressing court battle as they seek to take control of your health and finances. The UK government is urging those in their 20’s and 30’s to talk with loved ones about creating lasting power of attorney’s while they still have the capacity of doing so.

    A spokesperson for the government “planning future campaign” said: “We want people to view LPAs as an important part of planning for their family’s future”. Those who play contact sports or enjoy adventure holidays should consider creating a Lasting Power of Attorney as a way of ensuring their best interests are upheld and that their family can take control of their finances, sparing them potentially lengthy court battles.

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